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Hyperborea s.r.l.

Hyperborea is a company that operates since 1995 in the italian ICT domain. The flexible company structure can manage a team with different skills, IT professionals and experts of humanistic fields, and a diversified offering based on four divisions:


  • Cultural heritage

Hyperborea’s offering includes software and technologies for the valorisation of cultural heritage and high level services for archives and libraries. During the last year the company focused their activities on the planning of web based technologies for the web consultation of cultural heritage and high resolution images.


  • Environment

Hyperborea has a long time experience concerning the application of ICT technologies to environmental sector matters. The expertise is focused on the production of solutions for the management of environmental data, ensuring the simplification of Regional Environmental Information System processes.


  • System Integration

Hyperborea makes a system integration activity for Universities, Public Bodies and Private Organizations. The expertise is focused on: creation of integrated technologies to manage workflow and informative systems, strategic consultancy, production of solutions for the knowledge management and business process reengineering.


  • R&D

Hyperborea is continuously engaged in high level project activities, in EU and national domain: the R&D division controls the development of international competitive context and current innovation tendencies.